Technology branding for global business

Technology branding requires forward thinking as the tech itself changes by the second these days. Sometimes it can be hard to know which area you should focus on or what will be the product leader in 12 months time.

We have seen this recently when a rebrand for hotel technology provider, Acentic, very quickly turned  in to a re-position once we began to delve in to a client’s issues. In the end, the outcome was even more – a complete re-structure of a business.

Brand meetings and interview

technology branding the islandThe Island digital marketing agency’s work began with a two day brand, company and product session at the Sofitel Hotel, London.

Our Creative Director lead them on an initiative to understand their market, where they need to take their product offering and to create a new vision for the future.

Repositioning statement & documentation

technology branding mission statementsThe Island then presented back our findings including the vision statement, tone of voice, how we would structure their business more as a service offering than a technical provider, and a new way of thinking in an age where technology is interconnected.

New technology branding

technology branding for acenticThe new brand we devised aligned Acentic more closely with consumer technical providers such as Sony or Samsung.

This gave them the impression of being at the forefront of consumer targeted technology which is exactly what their target audiences were looking for – not tech people but people who understand the needs of the modern traveller.

New products

technology branding and print designAcentic products had evolved over 15 years and they needed a total overhaul to match the demands of the 21st century hospitality consumer.

Smart TV, interconnecting technologies, providing a platform for the consumer to view their own content in room, and ambient experiences throughout hotels, were products that The Island help define, brand and message.

New website

technology branding for tech productsThe new look site was very streamlined from previous incarnations to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for – and to lead them on a journey through the service and product offerings of Acentic.

Launch and marketing

livery including technology brandingAfter 9 months of hard work, the new technology branding was launched globally with a tour by the core management team and press and email campaigns.