Rebranding technology is as much about the understanding of people as it is how a piece of tech works.

Traditionally Acentic have provided TV technology and traditional content, such as films, to the hotel industry.

However with technology becoming more transient, and content more rich and varied, the whole customer experience changed – and, therefore, so had the needs of hotels.

The Island were asked to lead a massive re-positioning and re-branding project to take in the needs of over 30 sales team across the globe.

Our work encompassed:

  • Large scale creative brainstorms to define issues facing the business, product development, and marketing strategies to attract new markets
  • Global customer understanding exercises to define the needs of as many stakeholders as possible
  • Product creation and branding to appeal to hotels and their customers
  • Company messaging and marketing collateral
  • Website design and build
  • Sales team collateral and event held in the Hospital Club, London
  • Launch material, liveries and email campaigns

The new Acentic is now a completely different that is structured around working with technology providers to create products and services that are flexible and appeal to the end user.